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If you’re a fan of Yumi Tsukuda (frankly, how couldn’t you be?), you’ve probably been dying to see what he got done on his recent trip to California. This was a big trip for him and very well could have changed the trajectory of his life. Going from international flow to full-fledged Pro for Fit is a pretty amazing feat, but given the instant comradarie with his teammates and his one of a kind eye for riding, it makes total sense to give him such a big bump. Lets hope this means we’ll be seeing more and more of Yumi in the coming years, because I know I’m not the only one that could watch this shit all day!

“Yumi Tsukuda's unique approach to modern-day street riding first caught our eye via Instagram, earning the then 19-year-old a spot on our International Flow Team in March of 2017. In January of this year, he booked himself a ticket from Tokyo to Long Beach to meet the team and ride for a month.

Yumi instantly vibed with the crew, and his style, creativity and motivation paired with his awesome attitude, led the team to a unanimous decision to put him on PRO before he went home to Japan.

Here's a look at some of Yumi's time spent Stateside… much more to come from this kid! Welcome to the team YUMINGPRO!”

Follow Yumi on Instagram at @yumingrow
Filmed & Edited by: Tony Malouf
Hi-8 Footage Courtesy of: Stephan August
Music: Naga-tatsu – “大貫妙子 / "–'教えて”

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