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The Common Crew continues to unleash the heat from their full-length “Monster Mash” DVD with Denim Cox‘s section going up today. Watch him go from, “Damn that kid is good” to “Holy Shit, this dude is a beast!” in the span of this colossal seven minute part.

“We met Denim about a year after we started filming for Monster Mash in 2012 when he moved to Huntington Beach from Tucson, AZ. After riding with him for a few months we knew he absolutely needed to be apart of the video and brought him on board. Denim had never even filmed an edit, let alone a DVD section but in our eyes it was pretty apparent he would probably end up with last part. He ran through about three sets of teeth, 1,800 tubes and a wrist or two filming for this but didn’t let it slow him down one bit and stacked almost seven minutes of footage. His clips are crazy but his process is crazier, with a motto like “don’t think just go” it’s easy to see how he ended up with a part this good and one of the best sponsors in the game, BSD.”

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