Remember that absurd dirt quarter that Bas teamed up with Red Bull to construct last year? Well it’s back again, and not only is it getting a facelift to make it bigger, Bas will be joined by Morgan Wade, Ruben Alcantara, Mat Roe, Tom Dugan, Kye Forte, Daniel Sandoval, Anthony Napolitan, Corey Bohan, Hucker, Kriss Kyle, and Sergio Layos. Shall we start placing bets now as to how high Morgan goes out of that thing?

“Last year Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep built one of the biggest dirt quarter pipes the BMX world had ever seen. Taking tricks to a whole new level and pushing the riders’ limits to the max.

This year Bas is back with his Quarter Master challenge, and he’s bringing company. Eleven of the best BMXers on the planet will be joining Bas in Wales this September to take on the giant quarter pipe.

Check out the teaser video above to get a taste of what’s to come at Quarter Master 2014. “