Over the years, Red Bull have produced a ton of wild videos in some interesting places. Here’s a new one featuring Senad Grosic and Corey Bohan getting loose in a Hardware Store overnight. This is filled with laughs and some interesting setups to get a few riding clips as well. Take a look!

The seemingly unthinkable happened to Austrian BMX pro Senad Grosic. After a bit of
last-minute shopping, he was abandoned together with his fellow BMXer Corey Bohan of
Australia in the Hagebaumarkt store in Mondsee, Austria. Staff closed the hardware store
and Grosic and Bohan were left in there to tough it out for the whole weekend. The two
exceptional talents made the most of the situation though, promptly turning the shop
into a BMX paradise. Creative tricks and endless enjoyment resulted, rather than sitting
around feeling sorry for themselves. It can all be seen on www.redbull.com/nailedit
What do two crafty BMX maestros get up to when locked into a hardware store? The only thing that
crosses their minds. Turning it into a great place to ride. Austrian BMX icon Senad Grosic and his
Australian counterpart Corey Bohan seized on the chance to complete a new project together. They
allowed themselves to be locked into the Hagebaumarkt store in Mondsee for two days and a night
to do whatever they wanted. Which was to make it into a paradise for BMX-mad riders brimming
with creativity, thereby fulfilling a small dream.
Grosic and Bohan left nothing unused. Everything – from a simple board to tools, high-pressure
cleaners, leaf blowers, right up to garden gnomes – was used for their stunts. An action-packed
video was created that is full of creative, outlandish tricks and plenty of jokes. It takes viewers into
what might be the last undiscovered BMX paradise in the world and invites them to share the
moment of two exceptional talents giving free rein to their creativity.
Senad Grosic: "Hardware stores are to a BMX rider what toy shops are to children. They seem to
offer just about anything, and everywhere you turn you can get the next crazy idea. I always
wanted to be locked in one to do whatever I want. We really made the most of the two days and
had a fantastic time."
Corey Bohan: "When Senad told me about his idea, I was fired up immediately. This is probably
one of the coolest things imaginable. I found the story of the video super funny too. I hope it's as
much fun for people to watch as it was for us both at the hardware store."
Senad Grosic has been the figurehead of the Austrian BMX scene for close to two decades by now.
With his successes on the national and international stage, Grosic has played a major part in
developing the sport in Austria. Today, with his 39 years of age, Grosic sees himself primarily as an
ambassador for his sport and tries to pass his knowledge and skill onto the next generation. With
'Senad's School2Rock', he offers young aspiring BMX racers an annual platform to learn with and
from him as part of the ARGUS Bike Festival in Vienna.
Corey Bohan is an institution of the international BMX scene. Born in Australia but now living in the
US, Bohan is known for his wild riding style and for having completed the first BMX Dirt Triple in
the history of the X Games. In addition to that, he has been voted dirt jumper of the year by his
fellow riders five times in a row in the NORA Cup Awards between 2004 and 2008.