A Range Rover In A Skatepark

Apparently taking a vehicle that cost you $40k down something that kids ride bikes and skateboards on is something worth bragging about. For real though, that park is really fun and I kind of looped that full pipe one time. Brag brag.

But, I guess this is better than that other car in a skatepark video that dropped last week.

“For more information about the Range Rover Evoque visithttp://evoque.landrover.com/int
Land Rover Experience team, China, put the Range Rover Evoque to the ultimate test in a gravity-defying display in Asia’s biggest skate park. Demonstrating the vehicle’s agility and unrivalled terrain response in the heart of Shanghai. 

Please be aware this vehicle was driven by a professional Land Rover Experience driver from the Huzhou centre, please do not imitate. “