Yoinked this from Northern Embassy (I’ll copy their appropriate words below)… With Simple Session going down last week and me somehow being at this Toronto Jam in 2005, I figured it was a good topic to touch on. So, as I look back, realizing that I grew up riding and idolizing half of these dudes in this video and it’s easy to sit back and gaze upon romantically. But okay, even though the 21 year old me doesn’t want to admit it, Simple Session was a better event. It has grown BMX in so many ways. While I’d argue that each event showed the progression of BMX at the time, the spectacle itself, the way it gets out, the number of people in attendance, the truly world-aspect of Simple Session has obviously progressed. But, you know what’s missing? What was far, far worse? Rails. The Toronto Jam had a massive kinked rail, a large down rail, a gap to rail….hell, even the rail on top of the wedge was larger than anything Simple Session. If an event is going to have a 22 foot tall vert wall leading into an eight foot tall box, please make the street obstacles anything but laughable. And yes, I know skaters ride the course, too. They need to man up.

“It seemed fitting that this link would pop up on FB this morning (thanks Kean!). With the Toronto bmx jam officially underway today, this is a reminder of how amazing the venue once was. From the worlds top pros to some of the best courses ever made, I think it's fair to say that Metro Jam was once even bigger than what Simple Session is to bmx today.

Although this vid might seem long compared to most of today's web edits, take 20 minutes out of your social media time and have a watch. You'll notice a ton of different riders being creative in every aspect of the course, riding whatever and however they prefer to ride. You won't see any circus monkeys, you'll see a 14 year old Garrett Reynolds already killing it, you'll see street guys, park guys, trail guys and most importantly you'll see everyone having a damn good time. The amount of Canadian bmxers who made it out to this event from across the country amazed me every year, and it the event never disappointed. Canada bmx needs a Canadian Simple Session, Texas Toast or old style Metro jam!”