Did you know you can turn the Profile Racing Z Coaster into a fully functional Profile Elite cassette hub?  Learn how to do that and more in this Profile Z Coaster tutorial video.

“Section 1.
Removal of Spiral Retaining Ring Steps:
1. Remove Flat Spring Spacer or Cassette spacer from driver.
2. Snap off open end of retaining ring with small screw driver.
3. By hand, begin to unwrap retaining ring in a CLOCKWISE rotation until it is fully unwound from driver.

Section 2.
Installation of Spriral Retaining Ring with Two-Piece Tool Steps:
1. Be sure Flat Spring or Cassette Spacer is not in driver.
2. Place conical shaped tool piece (wide side down) inside the three Spiral Ring Retainer Prongs.
3. Place Spiral Retaining Ring onto cone.
4. Place opened end of second tool piece on top of the Spiral Retaining Ring and press down until it snaps into prongs.

Section 3.
Installation of Spiral Retaining Ring by Hand.
1. Slightly spread Spiral Retaining open with fingers.
2. Place opened end of ring into one the retaining prongs.
3. In a counter clockwise motion, carefully wind Retaining Ring around the prongs until the other end is securely in place.
*Part 3 can be tricky so take your time and be careful not to bend the ring. We suggest you use the tool for this.

Section 4.
Installation of Cassette Spacer.
1. Remove Flat Spring Spacer.
2. Remove Spiral Retaining Ring.
3. Remove Slack-Cam Ring (This will not be needed when using driver as a cassette).
4. Re-install Spiral Retaining Ring.
5. Install Cassette Spacer.
*Your hub will now function as an Elite Cassette Hub.”