The Profile Racing team coming through with a new mix edit from some time they spent cruising in Renaissance City! Hit play to watch Bobby Proctor, Shane Leeper, Seth Bernard, Mark Mulville, Madera’s Dewey Evan, Dre Tylee, Chris Childs and Dillon Leeper going to work on street and DIY spots, and the local skatepark. No shortage of awesome riding in this one! Get on that play button!

Filmed over the course of two long weekends, we got the Profile family together to have a couple sessions in and around the Renaissance City. With no pre-conceived goal, and NO stress, we filmed what was fun amongst the camaraderie of friends.
Thanks to Vic and Cara at Circuit Bmx, Jess Piche for the hospitality, and everyone who joined us in New England. Eternally grateful, thanks for the support, we hope you enjoy.
” – Matt Coplon

Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon.