Peep this rad remix edit from Profile Racing, Rickey Moseley, Jared Eberwein, Matt Coplon, Lucas Porzio and Riley Jordan.

“This edit is piggy backing off of a previous edit that was already made documenting a packed, 2-day trip in Florida. Ricky Moseley and Jared Eberwein flew out from the other side of the US to join Matt Coplon, Lucas Porzio, Riley Jordan, and a surprise run in with Phil Aller. A bunch of local rider met up with us as well, helping figure out places to ride and creating absolute great times and vibes. The whole crew had the pleasure to ride in a new, pristine, backyard ramp called The Ark: huge thanks to Brian Hemingway. A Small mishap happened on the ramp with Jared and Ricky while trying to coordinate a four person flair run: luckily Ricky wasn’t taken out and the clip was executed right after. Ricky brought his GoPro Karma drone, so we ended up with a bunch of really cool extra footage and new perspective on things. We hope you enjoy. Filmed by Ricky & Jared. Edited by Jared.”

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