Damn, Canada is coming through with the gems tonight! Check out Private Propertya new mixtape from Tristan Sweet! The Vancouver scene holds it down with a solid display of street riding from front to back, and Tristan nailed it with the film/edit work.  I’m not one to antagonize security guards or hero’s in denim shorts, but I’m definitely not above laughing at it.  This shit had me cracking up…definitely worth the investment of 20 minutes…GO PEEP DIS!

“Footage collected throughout 2016 in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas.

Featuring Adam Burlock, Adam Piatek, Cache Cook, Chad Ferch, Derek Morgan, Drew Morton, Dylan Cross, Garrett Bell, Joel Dykstra, Jordan Siudy, Kennidy Klassen, Kent Fuller, Kyle White, Layne Vilness, Lynden Chartrand, Nathan Hines, Nick Young, Shelby Hare, Trenten Demchuck, Tristan Sweet

Additional filming by Jordan Siudy, Kyle White, Drew Morton, Joel Dykstra and Rayden Wickop.

Rock In the Video Age – Jan Jelinek
Condo – bsd.u
Memories of You – bsd.u
Heidelberger Platz – Studio Pankow
Saturday Luups – Sigh
$$$ $$ $$$$ $ – bsd.u
Last Summer – bsd.u
Nobody Has Used This Sample Before – bsd.u
Butterfly Kick – bsd.u
Deep Space – Blank Banshee
To Get Her – bsd.u
Her Smile – bsd.u”

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