It’s always rad seeing a new rider putting out their first video. Here’s one featuring Preston Cawthorn going to work on street spots and his local skatepark, putting his bag of tricks to good use. This has a good mix of tricks from grinds to spins, crankflips, rocket manuals, spins and more that helps to keep things interesting from start to finish. Take a look!

"My name is Preston Michael Cawthorn and I started riding when I was about 13. I transitioned from dirtbikes and just instantly loved it. I’m originally from Dallas Texas, but I currently am in Albuquerque New Mexico. When Tazz hit me up to start filming this edit, I was so stoked and just in shock that someone wanted to work with me. It was so fun filming for this and I can’t wait to do many more!"

Preston has been repping Juke for a while now, but I only saw cell phone clips and what not. Made a couple trips up to Albuquerque to film a solid edit for him. Thanks for doing your thing and getting shit done man. Much more to come!!!” – Tazz Hernandez