With a crew including Chad Kerley, Brock Olive, Connor Lodes and Josh De Reus you know there is going to be some wild stuff in here and that is definitely the case….

“Chad Kerley, Brock Olive, Connor Lodes and Josh De Reus in Montreal. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

Today we’re premiering this banging new Montreal roadtrip featuring the Premium BMX team including Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Brock Olive and Josh De Reus. Chad and Connor are really, really good. You’ve seen their MARKIT sections and their web videos and you know they’re both crazy. But you might not be quite as familiar with Brock Olive (watch Young & Retarded and his Premium web video) who has been on the sidelines for a year with some injuries. He KILLS Montreal in this video and has gotten dramatically better since the last time I saw him. Then finally rounding out the crew we have Josh De Reus who I had never heard of before but who totally holds his own even on a team of such ridiculously talented riders. Click play and enjoy this shit.

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Filmed and edited by Andrew Brady and originally posted here:”