Here’s a full-length BMX video from Prague, Czech Republic that was filmed over the course of 2010. If you’ve ever wondered what the BMX scene was like in Central Europe, you’ll definitely want to give this one a look.

“I’m the original founder, cameraman, and one of the reporters of the biggest online BMX magazine Last year we decided to start one project which would follow BMX street community in the main city of the Czech Republic, Praha (Prague). The main point was to collect as much material as we could (pictures, videos,etc…) and slowly, over the year, use the material for our Web site. The purpose was also to create a BMX street movie from the whole year of 2010, which I finished and posted out last Saturday. The project’s name is ‘Praha Streetova.’

On the video you can find many of street spots around the whole city of Prague and the best street riders such as Jenda Bek, David Benda, Jakub Juza, Ondrej Hudec, Milan Pouzar, Krystof Mach and many others. During the summer we become guides for the American Kink Team, which an organized BMX trip in Europe and published a DVD named ‘Jetlagged.’ You can see them in our video.

Over the year I collected eight hours of movie, which after a few days in the cutting room we created this 25 minutes long video. This is the very first movie of that quality and length in the Czech Republic.” -Adam Strojsa

Video by Adam Strojsa.