A few weeks back the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup wrapped things up in Malaga, Spain at Ruben’s park! We’ve seen a bunch of footage from the contest, but here’s another look from a different perspective. Fernando Marmolejo dropped his latest Point of Shooter series that gives you a look at things from a photographer’s perspective. This shows you the crazy riding, then a look at the end result from his photo work. Fernando is DAMN good and this turned out awesome. Check it!

For the second consecutive year, a stop of the VANS BMX PRO CUP was held in Malaga with the difference that this year were the finals and everyone put their meat on the grill. I leave you with a short summary of the “bangers” that I was able to see in the first person of my BMX idols. …

Chris James
Cody Pollard
Alejandro Alcojor “Pitu”
Dennis Enarson
Kevin Peraza
Gary Young
Maxime Chaveron
Kris Fox
Chase Hawk
Matty Cranmer
Pat Casey
Boyd Hilder
Larry Edgar

We use for this session the Elinchrom ELB400 Cromalite S.L. with fast heads and cameras It’s Olympus Em1 mk2 and Olympus ZUIKO optics:
8mm F1.8 PRO
25mm F1.2 PRO
45mm F1.2 PRO