Check out this video of Pinke’s Trail Jam that went down this summer in Holly, Michigan with riding from Ted Van Orman, Brandon Dosch, Ryan Wert and more. Wait until you see the transfer Brandon Dosch sends!. This video is making me miss summer already.

“Pinke’s Jam”
This HD film documents a BMX jam that went down on Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at Pinke’s BMX Trails Compound in Holly, Michigan. USA with riding from Ted Van Orman, Brandon Dosch, Ryan Wert, Glenn Skowronek, Kyle Barnhart, Sonny Goodman, Nick Bullen, Cory Wiergowski, Dakota Manos, Alex Crandall, and many more….

Main Song- “Okay Lets Go”
Composer- Dan Phillipson
Licensed @

My Mom and Dad for all of their support, Ted Van Orman, Brandon Dosch, Glenn Skowronek, Kyle Barnhart, Ryan Wert, Sonny Goodman, The Michigan BMX scene, and everyone who helped make this film possible.”
-(Elliot Gray Van Orman)