Wow! This is far from your everyday web edit. It’s much more along the lines of a full on cinematic production!

“The holly coffee grail…
# Idea #
Actually i made this video for a personal application, but tried to keep it as BMX as possible.
My good friend Pierre Hinze needed a new clip for his sponsor Verde BMX, so this project is a win-win.
I wanted to show what is possible on zero budget, only me and my cam. No crew, no rentals.
# Video #
Filmed during summer 2013, one day one spot.
Pierre is a coffee junkie, so it was easy to find a common theme.
For the opening sequence, i was glad to have the help of 18 friends turning into extras, again, thanks a lot guys!
Voice over by a good old friend, Paul Wrettom.
Music by Dj Mixwell, David Bucka. 
Filmed in RAW, thanks to Magic Lantern.
Explosions with help of Timo Glietz.
# Main actor #
Pierre Hinze is a professional BMX rider, sponsored by:
Verde BMX, Allride BMX, Suicycle Store, Unitybmx, Cinemawheelco, Cyclus clothing.
It was fun filming with this relaxed and really talented guy.
# Director #
Sas studied film directing, and also is doing this kind of videos for more than 15 years.
Check out for personal informations.
# The Gadget Films #
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Directing, filming, editing. 
Short films, Music videos, commercials, action videos.
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# Technical informations #