German ripper Philipp Baum is now getting some gear from Gloryfy, which by my understanding is an eyewear company. Philipp sure knows his way around a dirt jump, and has a hefty bag of tricks to boot.

“Since we kicked off gloryfy unbreakably eyewear in 2009 BMX-riders have always been part of our roster. The latest addition to our team is the incredibly talented Philipp Baum from Berlin. He is one of the go-to-guys in Germany when it comes to dirt and just an all around nice guy. I am more than happy to see him rocking our eyewear from now on! With riders like Victor Salazar, Daniel Wedemeijer, Michael Meisel, Bernd Kaufmann or local heroes like Mike Kröll, we are looking forward to an amazing summer!”

philipp baum
“I am realy stocked to signed in with Gloryfy. From now on i am part of a cool family with some of my friends like Bernd Kaufmann and Daniel Wedemeijer. We had the chance to film a short welcome Edit 
at the plesching trails austria. Big thanks to Claudio from Gloryfy” !!

cut/edit by Humer Max Homosapiensproduktion”