Our House Invitational – By Ben Hennon / VANS

The new (well, maybe not so new at this point) Seventies ramps have been getting murdered on the web over the last few months, but this edit really put the nails in the coffin. So much amazing riding, from tech street powerhouses like Alex Kennedy and Scott Ditchburn to a tranny assault by the likes of Ben Wallace and Ben Hennon--the level of riding at this event was insane.

A few weeks ago EMEA BMX rider Ben Hennon held an invite BMX jam at the Seventies Our House unit. His vision was to invite the UK´s and some of the best EU´s riders and jam together for a full day. In the end the judges decided to honor the three most outstanding riders with top 3 places.
Needless to say that everyone had a blast!! Well done Ben – BMX needs more events like this!!

Filmed and edited by GREENFILMS