One Hot Product: Stolen’s Throttle & Thermalite Pedals

Stolen’s product designer, Paul Alfaro breaks down the design of their new alloy Throttle pedals and explains the changes to their plastic Thermalite SP pedals…

Throttle Pedal specs:
Features: Large platform with a knurled concave shape. Low profile die cast aluminum body with 8 replaceable steel pins per side. Recessed end to prevent damage to bearing cover. Available with sealed precision bearing and bushing, or looseball option.
Spindle: Chromoly steel with 15mm wrench flats and 6mm hex broach
Material: ADC10
Colors: ED Black, Matte Blue, Matte Red, and Painted White
Weight: 17.5 oz. (sealed)

Thermalite SP Pedal Specs:
Features: Unique concave, low profile design molded w/ Thermalite nylon based material.
Recessed end to prevent damage to bearing cover. 8 replaceable steel pins per side for maximum grip

Spindle: Chromoly w/ 6mm Broach and 15mm Wrench flats
Material: Thermalite™
Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Gang Green, Neon Orange, Purple, Red, & White
Weight: 14oz.

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