The guys over at Freedom BMX coming through with a fresh round of One Dude, One Day! This time around Felix Donat goes to work at the ODP Skatepark! Felix brings a good mix of style, grinds and nose balance to the table for this one and it makes for a real solid watch. Take a look!

This episode of “One Dude One Day” with Felix Donat in the lead role is actually a “One Dude Four Hours” video, because all recordings are on a summer evening between 18 and 22 clock in the ODP Skate Park Karlsruhe emerged. Not much time to film an edit, but Felix did not care. With a big grin on his face, he just stacked a bunch of really good clips in record time, so hopefully you’ll see to our incompetent filmmaker that he did a good job himself.

Felix Donat drives for the kunstform BMX Shop and Traffic Distribution for BSD.

Music: David Jack – “A Grim Welcoming Party” (courtesy of KFM Records)” – Freedom BMX