Here’s a dialed one if you’re a fan of manual and nose manual lines! Ondra Leo Miggisch is now doing it for 360 Grad Shop over in Germany and went to Spain to film this new welcome video! THis one is packed with great riding, rad spots and solid film work. You can’t go wrong with that combo!

We did not have Ondra Miggisch on the site yet, but you should definitely remember the name! The young man is now on the road for the 360 ​​degree sports shop and has filmed a welcome edit at the start, in which it teems with technical delicacies. Especially Nozzas in all its facets have done to him, but it may also be down to a 360 on a thick staircase set. They are fresh on the table today, as this video goes online, Ondra and his filmmaker Manuel Faust are still in Spain, where many of the clips have been made that can be seen above. So come in and let it taste, my friends!

Filmed and edited by Manuel Faust” – Freedom BMX