I debated back and forth for a while about what to call this video… So ignore the stupid name and just pay attention to what it’s about. The day after the SLC Dew Tour wrapped up a bunch of the pros stayed in the area to go on the annual Ogio tubing trip. Well, the weather got too cold so everyone went indoor surfing, indoor skydiving, and bowling. Here’s a quick video of the day and some bullet points of what is actually going in in the video…

Here’s what you will see in this video…
– Ryan Nyquist wearing a tennis skirt and a swim cap shooting people with a Super Soaker on the bus.
– Ryan Nyquist passing off his camera for what he thinks is a group photo.
– Ryan Nyquist getting two full water bottles of his own piss dumped on him in the best fake group photo prank ever.
– Ryan Nyquist getting his tennis skirt pulled down by Alistair Whitton’s wife.
– A handful of pro riders eating shit while trying to surf indoors.
– A handful of pros indoor skydiving.
– Big Daddy getting beat in arm wrestling by Seth Klinger.
– Zak Earley awkwardly getting introduced to the love of his life and giving her an ice cream bar in front of 32 of his most embarrassing asshole friends.
– Big Daddy bowling a gutter ball.
– Rob Darden winning $150 in a winner-takes-all bowling tournament.

And here’s what you won’t see in the video…
– Me getting squirted directly in the right eye ball with Ryan Nyquist’s mystery-filled Super Soaker.
– Catfish running like hell away from the piss-pouring incident. (He said he didn’t want a hug from Nyquist after he was drenched in urine. Don’t blame him.)
– The DJ from the Ballpark Franks booth at Dew Tour crashing in the wind tunnel and accidentally elbowing a skydiving instructor, giving him a bloody mouth.
– Alistair Whitton’s wife coming dangerously close to winning the bowling tournament.

If you can’t read between all these lines…we had a fucking blast. Thanks to Ogio for hooking up a super fun day after a busy contest weekend!

Video by Fat.