With winter quickly approaching, it’s the right time of year for heavy indoor skatepark edits to start hitting the web, and the OGC BMX crew just lit the fuse on a banger in Le Taz Skatepark.  Dillon Lloyd, Joel Fortin, Ryan Eles, Zach St. Claire and Spencer Ryan lay down an onslaught of heavy and technical lines on what appears to be the dopest looking skatepark I’ve ever seen.  Watch this.

“Some of the OGCBMX squad were in Montreal for the TAZ Pro/Am presented by WETHEPEOPLE this past weekend and put together this quick edit during a session at the infamous Le Taz.
Dillon Lloyd – WTP/Eclat
Joel Fortin – Merritt
Ryan Eles – Federal/ Eclat
Zach St Clair – OGCBMX
Spencer Ryan – Radio

Huge thanks to the Taz for making this happen.


OGCBMX proudly distributes WETHEPEOPLE, Eclat, Fiend, Merritt, Federal, Radio, Salt, Salt Plus, Fuse, Bell helmets and Redline in Canada.”