I’m always excited to see any new footage coming out of the east coast, but this video from the Odyssey vs Sunday project was a special treat. Featuring west coast locals Justin Spriet, Julian Arteaga, Jacob Cable, Alec Siemon, and Jared Duncan ripping around the streets of Providence and Brooklyn with east coast team mates Mark Burnett and Chris Childs—all through the lens of Sony VX. With that list of riders you already know the riding is going to be great, so hit that play button and be on the lookout for more from Odyssey vs Sunday soon!

“Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the first of four monthly VX videos filmed and edited by our incredibly multitalented team riders while out at the Odyssey vs Sunday house. This month we’ve got Mark Burnett, Jared Duncan, Justin Spriet, Julian Arteaga, Jacob Cable, Alec Siemon, and Chris Childs killing it on both sides of the lens, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy.”

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