That screengrab is absolutely horrible, but ODI‘s new DVD looks damn good…especially with filmer and spot master Larry Alvarado being the camera and computer. DVD’s available August 1st and we’re actually having a premiere at the Transworld office this Saturday, the 20th. Info coming.

“ODI grips is proud to present the 2nd trailer for our upcoming dvd “The ODI Black book”.
Follow along with the ODI street crew as the make there mark on a bunch of underground street spots on the west coast of the United State of America. All these young talented wild styles complement each other to make this master piece of BMX street art. Open the pages to this DVD worldwide August 1st 2013.

Starring: Tony Malouf, Alex Raban, Kevin Kiraly, Larry Alvarado & Jeff Cadger.
Also featuring: Jourdan Barba, Josh Alderete, Patrick Taber, Mark Rubio, Sean Morr, Victor Galindo & Brendon Reith.

A Manna Machine Production.
Filmed and edited by Larry Alvarado.

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