Probably the best thing about YouTube: rare, random, impossible-to-see-otherwise footage. This guy filmed Ryan Nyquist and infamous Norcal local Chris “Butthead” Bryant riding their local spot in ’94 and decided to put it up. I was waiting for him to do that redudant, stupid “yeahhhhh” that the filmer of Sick! and Too Sick! always yelped out, but it must be a different guy. Ever seen Ryan’s ass? Originally spotted this on

From the YouTube description:

I meet Ryan Nyquist and his friend Chris in 1994 while at Calabasas Park in San Jose. His riding style surpassed any other rider I’ve seen out there at the park. A park I’ve been riding at since 1987. I saw a lot of riders come and go, and maybe one here or there impressed me. But when I was there in either 1993 or I’m pretty sure 1994 I saw two guys getting higher than anyone else and doing tricks no one else was doing. I introduced myself and asked if I could videotape them. They said yes and this is pretty much what I shot that day.”