A whole lot of brakes in a barn full of ramps in the Midwest had me feeling like I was watching an old Standard video. This video was a nice change of pace from the daily video grind on nonstop grinds, really excited to see what the next stop of the Bring Your Own Bike series has to offer.

“The 2015 Nowear Extreme Rider Apparel “Bring Your Own Bike” BMX Series kicked off at the Gnar Barn in Iowa on April 18th! Here’s a video giving you a look at all of the crazy riding that went down in the Expert, Pro and 30+ class! This is banger after banger featuring the likes of Mike Dinello, Bobbie Altiser, Tim Oliver, Karl Hinkley, Mike Porter, Jacob Theim, Dan Nielsen and many, many more!!

Filmed and edited by Kurt Hohberger