What do you do when you ride BMX and it’s the middle of winter in Finland? You find a nice warm skatepark like the Sokeva park to hunker down in!

“The Finnish winter poses some obvious problems to any local athletes who aren’t hockey players, downhill skiers, ski jumpers, or biathletes — you know, rifle and skis. First and foremost, the cold, which regularly dips into the negative double digits, and that’s Fahrenheit, bro. When it gets this cold, the tough get going. BMXers, on the other hand, head indoors to cozy, well-heated skate parks like the Sokeva indoor park in Southern Finland. Check out this session with some of the country’s best riders as they dismantle the ramps and fun boxes. Don’t miss young Jopi Toijonen’s briflip at the 1:00 mark.”