This past Saturday the Nitro Circus Live tour debuted in the U.S. at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Chad Kagy told us it would be nuts, and from what we read all over Twitter, and from this video, it looks like he was right. James Foster went for a triple backflip, Andy Buckworth did a superman double frontie, and seven dudes did a double flip train…Check the quick highlight reel to see how it looked.

Editor’s random thought: It’s so crazy how quickly others pick up on a trick after one person pulls it first. It seems like the second one person shows the world that something is possible it blows the doors wide open for others to pick up on it. Case in point from this video: the triple flip that was only first landed just a week prior to this show. Other examples: double frontflip, and cash roll.

Video footage courtesy of Nitro Circus Live.