Garrett Reynold’s Full Part From The Nike 6.0 Video

Edit: For those leaving comments trying to win the frame, you have to leave your e-mail address or sign up to the site. We have no idea who “twistedsisterissick” is, although we do agree.

As promised, here is Garrett Reynold’s full section from the Nike 6.0 film “Writing On The Wall” along with a chance to win Garrett’s frame and shoes. This video needs no introduction—you know it’s amazing. Every clip is a banger. Garrett takes nibble type tech tricks and does them on huge obstacles. Watch this over and over again then look for the full Nike 6.0 video to be available online on November 24th.

For your shot to win Garrett’s signature frame from Premium and Air Insurgents from Nike 6.0 as shown below all you have to do is write a comment under the video. Next week Garrett will read through the comments and pick one reader to give his shoes and frame to. Easy as that! You’ll need to create an account on our homepage and be logged in for your chance to win.

Garrett Reynolds Signature Premium Frame

Nike 6.0 Air Insurgent