Aidan Chard flowing around during a night session for Nightfall Bike Co. There are some awesome moves in this one and you get to see a camera get taken out by a flair and  foot plant to can-can airs.

“Just got home from a 2 week trip to canberra for ACT Jam, and decided to put this together, Aidan was kind enough to let us stay at his house for the 5 days we were in canberra. With all the chaos of act jam and him working, on our last night there we decided to go down to Belco and Weston and film this. Nothing but good times, shit talking and a little bit of riding. planning on hopefully editing ACT jam video next week so get prepared for some radness yeww!! Also don’t forget to support Austrailian BMX, Nightfall Bike Co is Company you want to support, get on it!”

Filmed And Edited: James Fox
Additional Filming: Dylan Lewis