From Glenn PP Milligan:
“About a month ago Nigel Sylvester kicked off FU-LETSRIDE. Basically, the idea was to get some cool events going in the NYC area. The first event was a game of B.I.K.E. with eight riders: Nigel, Tyrone Williams, Dominic Biro, Brad Simms, Jared Washington, Oba Stanley, Ralph Bury, and Ralphy Ramos. It took place at and in 8 Bond Street Studios, the same place where Nigel had his birthday party later that night.

Here are the first four matches from the game and Nigel’s birthday. More to come tomorrow…

Match 1 and 2:

Match 3 and 4:

23on23 Nigel’s Party:

FU-LETSRIDE would like to thank Animal Bikes, Nike 6.0, VIBE magazine, and Skullcandy for sponsoring the event.