Nigel Sylvester: Attainable – Get Sylvester #4

Best episode of Nigel’s reality series thus far, in my opinion. An inside look at Gatorade’s Sport Science Institution followed up by a celebrity flag football game in Times Square. Livin’ and living well.

“In the fourth episode of Get Sylvester, Nigel Sylvester visits the Gatorade Sport Science Institution, where he does multiple physical and mental tests to better understand how his body works; the results are impressive. Next, he heads to Times Square for a celebrity flag football game to celebrate the launch of the new NFL jerseys. The teams were comprised of NFL players, including Mark Sanchez, Justin Tuck, Matt Ryan, and legend Ronnie Lott, plus rappers Ace Hood, Jadakiss, and Vado, as well as Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. Work hard, play hard.”