Here’s an interesting concept… I’ll let the director explain, and you guys can let us know what you think in the comments. “Can a BMX be a musical instrument? The intentions of this track was to explore and experiment with sound by turning a BMX into an underground form of music (dubstep). Only the vocals are not from the BMX in this track.” -Gareth Henry

From YouTube
BMX is part of Gareth “Gez” Henry’s forthcoming EP with Lick The Wrap Records.

The Credits for this video are as follows:
Rider – Josh Briars
Director – Gareth Henry
Producer/D.O.P – Jinny Nijjar
Camera Operators – Jinny Nijjar and Luke Fleming
Sound Design – Gareth Henry
Sound Recordist – Gareth Henry
Assistant Sound Recordist – Josh Briars
Editor – Chris Lyons