Here is the Mush Crew’s entry for the Florida Gold video contest hosted by Profile. I have met these kids through out my travels to Florida and they have always impressed me. They are always repping their crew and killing everything in sight when it comes to riding. This video is no different. Hyped to see these guys sticking to the streets even though I know its difficult down in Florida sometimes.

“Most of these clips where in our home town of Fort Myers, FL. (Feat. Dustin O’Donnell (@Mushcrew_Dustin) & Vinny Navy (@Mushcrew_vinny) doing it for the Derty South. S/O to our homie, and local rapper Kid Kwest for the song (Derty.) S/O to all the homies that helped film! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making this for your entertainment.”

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