Wow.  If there is one video that you watch today, let this be it.  A few of the Front Brake Brethren met up in St. Louis for a weekend, and proceeded to lay down a heavy dose of mind boggling lip tricks.  Creativity and skills at level 100, you might have to go buy a pair of chrome rims and some brakes after watching this…bring back the street spine era!

“A group of the Front Brake Brethren gathered in St. Louis for the weekend. They spent Saturday at one of the Midwest’s greatest indoor parks, Ramp Riders. The guys had their way with the five foot street spine, for most of the day. Sunday we had mass at the nicest church I have attended, Sk8 Liborius. This colassal church was built in the 1880s and is now filled with ramps and graffiti. Great weekend with good people.

Riders: Corey Bradley, Matt Lough, Billy Woodfin, Dan Hylton, David Buseman, Nick Harkins, T.J. Henderson, Bobbie Altiser, and Paddy Gross.
Filmed by: Anthony Loconte, Jerrod Glasgow, and David Buseman
Edited by: Jerrod Glasgow”