When you look at how riders go Pro, Colton Walker‘s move from the Monster Army to the Monster Energy Pro team is a perfect example of what putting in the work to earn your spot really looks like! Colton has been an extremely talented rider since he was just a young gun, but over the past few years he’s really shown everyone just how good he is and how dialed he is! Here’s a video to welcome him to the Pro team where we get riding footage from where he started out on Monster Army to some recent clips from a trip to the Northwest, along with Colton telling the story of how he got to where he is now! Check it!

Colton Walker came up through the Monster Army rankings proving he has what it takes. As a Monster Army General in 2017, he went on to win Nitro World Games and his first X Games Gold medal. These accomplishments and more earned him a spot on the 2018 Monster Energy pro team.” – Monster Army