Monster Catches Up With Scotty Cranmer

Scotty Cranmer is having a good week interview-wise. Yesterday he answered five of his favorite questions in Duo’s new interview and today, Monster Energy dropped a “Catching up with Scotty Cranmer” feature produced by Will Stroud. The thing is great from beginning to end–Scotty lets us know about his plans for this year, his new backyard setup, his family’s bike shop, and more. His dad gives a little statement about Scotty and his feelings on his success, and of course, Cranmer does some amazing riding. This video full of variety–some notable highlights include a flatspin 720 barspin, a very technical, Kevin Porter-esque run that weaves back and forth in a very difficult line, a super whipped 360, and plenty more. Couldn’t ask for a nicer or more humble kid–check it all out above.