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I’ll just let the description do the heavy work for me on this one…

“So we built the bicycle skateboard and we managed to do a few flat ground tricks on it. At the end of the first video, Big Boy said that he wanted to take it to my skatepark and he called himself out on trying a flair on one of the ramps! So we got the crew together and met up at the skatepark and all the guys took their turns on trying their tricks. They managed to grind on it, do wall rides, and Big Boy even managed to break it! But after the session was over, Big Boy had one last trick to try. So we all followed him to his favorite ramp and watched him figure out his approach, but in true Big Boy fashion, he tried it without any practice and he crashed his first attempt. He got up with the fire in his eyes and he managed to successfully flair on the bicycle skateboard! We had so much fun riding it and plan on taking it all over to other skateparks.”