The joint must have been figurative instead of literal, but there is enough street and park shredding from the Midwest that I’m not even mad.

“In our recent road trips to film for Mitchell’s Red Bull Phenom edit we hit a lot of park and random street sessions. The is my first edit with my new setup and I’m pretty happy with the way ti all turned out. I wanted to just have fun filming with the homies to get used to being back shooting with a camcorder. We have a ton of friends that all happen to shred and they all get some shine time in this edit. Hope you guys enjoy watch this group murder everything Midwest. Featuring- Bub Finney, Mitchell Kent, Jordan Stump, Bryce Arnold, Jeremy Garrett, Dylan Gold, Jarett Gaines, Brandon Edwards, Austin Schoelkopf, Zach Fortune, Derek Fetko, Mike Shell, and Scotti Morris. Look for more edits real soon.”