Megatour 8 features four van loads of dirty BMXers searching for good riding spots and memorable times for eight days. Over 35 rowdy miscreants partied and adventured through the sketchy streets of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Highlights include street, parks, abandoned buildings, burning hair, lost keys, Mexican candy…and oh yeah, jail.

Mesh: Chad DeGroot, Mark Mulville, Colt Fake, Ricky Bates, Bryce Toole, Joey Juaristi, James Covington, Greg Smee
The Come Up: Adam22, Chase Dehart, Ben Hittle, Rory Ellis, Jake Seeley, Blackman, Muffinman
2-Hip: Ron Wilkerson, Joe Donaldson, Jarrod Allen, Marlon Europe, Jake Ortiz, Rahmel Hoyle
Quality: Kyle Pucek, Kevin Porter, Troy Merkle, Dustin Griess, Karl Poynter, Todd Johnson, Jay Schlie, Mike Corts

DVD bonus:
Mesh, The Come Up, 2-Hip, and Quality Distribution bonus team sections, bails, bonus riding, and antics.