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“Madera hubs are works of art, but you beat them up every time you ride! Make sure to protect your investment AND make grinding way easier by running hub guards on your front and rear Madera hubs. Click play for a short video explaining the front hub guard options we have as well as why they are necessary and how to install them.”

More info and link for purchase below.

Edit: Mike Hinkens
Music – Intro/Outro: Drumlins

– CNC machined from Delrin (strong and durable plastic)
– The hub guard slides over the hub cone – It will sit snug against your fork and hub cone when the wheel is tightened down.
– Weight: 28g/.98 oz

– Can be used on Madera Pilot front hubs as well as Profile Elite, Totem, and Mini front hubs.
– Works only with Madera/Profile Knurled cones. You can buy an adaptable cone with the guard if you don't have the right one.

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