Grind wizard Mike Hinkens was the perfect candidate to test out the new Madera C4 hubguard. Mike breaks down the ease of installation and then busts out a number of sick grind moves that he’s famous for.

“UNBOXING – Mike Hinkens – Madera C4 Front Hub Guard

Everything you need to know about our new front hub guard!

Material: CNC Machined Delrin – Hard enough to resist heavy wear fro street abuse but soft enough not to shatter.

Works with Madera Pilot front hubs as well as Profile Elite, Totem, and Mini front hubs.

Works only with Madera/Profile Knurled cones. Will not work with the older style, all aluminum front hub cones. You can buy an adaptable cone below if you don’t have one.

Slides over the hub cone, and will sit taught against your fork and hub cone when the wheel is tightened down.

Made in the USA!

BUY HERE:­ductId=691

Filmed and Edited: Grant Castelluzzo”