With one of kind of street spots and insane parks, Portugal looks like a BMX paradise and the perfect location for Dennis Enarson and Ronnie Napolitan to fire out a video shot on entirely on a Lumia Pureview smartphone.

“Hadrien Picard already offered us some pretty well known BMXERS, such as Simone Barraco, Kevin Kalkoff or Anthony Perrin but for his latest production shotwithlumia he brings us no one else than the best rider in the world, a huge and young star coming from San Diego, California. Please welcome Dennis Enarson. Joined by his good friend Ronnie Napolitan who also belongs to the infamous MARKIT crew, they follow their friendly guides through Portugal, from the historical streets of Lisboa to the beach of Portimao, passing by the lost village of Belmonte where has been built an incredibly deep bowl. After years of weird stories, this bowl is still a myth as nobody knows the truth about this unforgivable construction. Unfortunately, the trapped and dead frogs who sunbathed too long at the bottom of the hole couldn't give us more information, even with a kiss. So let's just enjoy the crazy riding of Dennis in this new exotic film rocked by local guitars.”