It’s that time again for a full recap of the best Instagram clips that landed on the Lip Lords Instagram over the course of October! As expected, this month was another banger with clips from Pro’s and legends all the way down to some of the young guns just getting started! Take a look!

A compilation of the best clips posted on the @LipLords instagram in October 2018. We had 7 new riders on the page last month. Let’s go for 10 this month, send in your clips!!

Riders In Order Of Appearance –
@jakerutk @timmwiegmann @philipkaiser2 @kyle_lafleur @shua_peschock @eric_watkeys @alexl3061 @caiorabisco @tazz_hernandez @tomjustice @chard_mander @jacobnedler @andylindqvist @ollie_groff @landongideon22 @trevorwatring @bobbiealtiser @kyleolinger

Best Of September