It’s a new month, so you know that that means! It’s time for a new compilation of the best Lip Lords clips that popped up over the course of August! As always, this video features a TON of different riders throwing down some serious lip tricks. If you want to see some creative, unique and original clips, this is the BMX video for you!

A compilation of the best clips posted on the @LipLords instagram in August 2018.

Riders in order of appearance
@bmxchunk, @ttlhank @brandonbegin @alan.sibley @kian_sonthana @scottybhamx @kentpearsonbmx @christian.peper @_bradk_ @kush_plumbing_69 @eric_watkeys @ollie_groff @peglessbco @nowearbmx @dillonstew @bobbiealtiser @justapieceofskypie @krts @andylindqvist @thetjhenderson

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