When you get an edit from Lima, Matt Priest and Martyn Tambling, you know you’re going to get a ton of style and good vibes! During a Verde trip the team took last year, the guys spent some time cruising their local parks over in the U.K and stacked a bunch of dialed clips! Check out all the style!

Verde’s Lima, Matt Priest and Martyn Tambling keep things a bit closer to home for this team trip and ride their local and some nearby spots that have evaded their attention so far. Lima explains more…” – DIG

The last time the Verde UK team did a trip we decided to fly to the opposite side of the world to New Zealand. This one was a little closer to home! Myself and Priesty both rode our local parks and invited Martyn Tambling up to join. We then ventured within a few hours of our usually spots to check out places we haven’t ridden before or don’t go to nearly enough. It ended up being a fun trip, plus we didn’t have to sleep with sand flys or wash in rivers.” – Lima