In a world of cookie cutter graphics based seats, Carson Leh is creating his unique vision of what a bespoke BMX saddle could be. Drawing on the influence of fine dress shoe designs, Carson has carved out a niche with his elegant custom seats. In this documentary he talks about how things begun and where Leh Supply and Manufacturing is headed. You also get a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of his seats from start to finish.


Carson Leh has been making custom leather bicycle seats and cycling accessories for 4 years. He started in 2010 recovering torn BMX saddles and in 2013 he founded Leh Seats. He not only manufactures leather bike saddles and handle bar tape, but has recently branched out with new leather goods such as Macbook cases. He produces small production run leather goods for contract in the USA. Filmer Brian Chace of visited his Austin based workshop this winter to speak with him about his work and inspiration from brogue wingtip dress shoe and boot making. This short film shows the process of one of his custom made BMX seats. Each BMX seat is guaranteed for life against tears. You can find him at or on Instagram @lehseats.”