The Kink dudes recently spent some time out in Latvia and this edit is the result of some sunday chillers, that Darryl Tocco ended up editing into perfection. I’ve never been to Latvia, but I once met a drunken Latvian man in the streets of Long Beach, who appeared to be scheming to steal my camera bag. It was weird. But anyways.. guest appearances from Ed Zunda, Eisa Bakos and many more. Get out and go ride to park with your homies!

“We recently spent some time in Riga, Lativa riding hard, and filming for an upcoming Kink project. We took a nice Sunday off of the missions, to hang with some locals, and cruise some of the fun plazas and parks Riga has to offer! Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in Eastern Europe…
Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco
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