There are few scenarios in BMX worse than seeing your buddy snoozing on the ground after a heavy slam. Chris Doyle got rocked hard filming for his epic “Squash-It” section, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

[Quick edit from Ryan] This fall actually made Doyle step away from the gnarly street shit and focus more on dirt. Just a scary fall in general and it was after a string of rough ones, too. All the respect in the world to the legend.

“Doyle is no stranger to going in on a burley street setup when the time calls for it. This terrifying gap to rail in Pittsburgh, PA was the last clip he tried to film for his “Squash It” section, and it haunted him throughout the entire filming process. Although it didn’t go as planned…its a shining example of just how gnarly Doyle is. Note him just about pulling it first try.

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Filmed and cut by Darryl Tocco”